Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More on The New Money
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The Presidential Dollar program does have a PR and outreach plan:

1. Federal agencies and outlets dealing with cash were told by the Mint (and backed up by Congress) that they had to be able to handle these new coins.
2. There's a plan to raise awareness through education at the grassroots level, involving educational institutions, banks, etc.
3. A firm has been engaged to "leverage earned media and free advertising opportunities, low or no-cost public relations initiatives, and other creative publicity and promotional methods" to get the word out. Here's where the government plans to save money: "it is also the sense of Congress that the coins should not be introduced with an overly expensive taxpayer-funded public relations campaign."

My thoughts:
1. It's a proven fact that Acts of Congress are the best way to sell anything.
2. I consult my bank on all my purchases of food, clothing, vacations, and for things around the house.
3. Is it me, or is the best time to save money on a project before you market it? Like, deciding whether or not to go forward with the project in the first place?

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