Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Get To Know Your Neighbors
I've lived in my building for about 15 years now, and I know that's a millenium in DC residence time. But I'm a native of this city, so it's my hometown. Oddly enough, though, in all those years, I've only really known one person who lives in the building. Everyone else, friendly for the most part, comes and goes so quickly here.

However, there's an online neighborhood where I should get to know my neighbors. I'm talking about 2KBloggers, and the eight bloggers bordering my picture - my 2KBloggers neighbors.

I'm 19 rows down and 4 bloggers in on the right side of the photo montage (there's over 1500 pictures as of today, so it takes a bit of downloading.) My neighbors, starting at the upper left corner and going clockwise, are:

Becci's Bungalow
Name: PowersTwinB. Partial to antiques, and addicted to vacation cruises (just like me!)

Flip Flop Floozie
Name: It's a Flip Flop World. Loves cats and exclamations. Hates Jerry Springer and Judge Judy (as do I!)

Fruit of the Spirit
Name: Debbie. Another cat fancier. Has a photo blog and a craft blog. Has combated her moodiness by getting a job - congratulations! (I would like to combat my moodiness by early retirement!)

Todd Biske: Outside the Box
Name: Todd (I think). Speaks in acronyms. Probably very good at math (quite unlike me!)

My Mid-Life Crisis -- The Official Soundtrack
Name: Bill. Great blog title. A procrastinating writer (just like me!)

Name: elke (I think). Ik denk dat iedere juf wel een kind kent dat rekenangst heeft. (Er zijn er nog meer!)

Corporate Presenter
Name: Jeremy. Resides in North London. Writes about an amazing number of things, not just "corporate presentations" as his blog title would suggest. Just got back from a trek to Africa. (I've never been to Africa.)

the badbadivy experience
Name: Ivy. Is thinking she needs anger management after reading her own blog posts lately. Probably knows all the words to the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song. A self-proclaimed crazy cat lady (I'm surrounded by cats!)

So those are currently my 2KBloggers neighbors. I started this by searching, picture by picture, for bloggers who almost instantaneously let you know that they are gay (like me.) However, I thought to myself, why ghetto-ize my blog searching experience? Search out voices and lives unlike your own! Live the experience you hope others are living out there - finding blogs representing viewpoints not necessarily your own!

Of course, I'm still interested in how many bloggers with gay content (which doesn't mean "adult") are among the 2K... If we go with the 10% rule, that would mean there are most likely... uh... let's see... carry the 8... divide by 3.14...

Maybe there's another episode of Law & Order SUV on...


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Thanks for the plug. It's very much appreciated.

You'll be able to see some Africa stuff shortly at

and there's loads of presenting, tv, sales stuff at

Jeremy Jacobs said...

BTW, I'm about as gay as Errol Flynn and James Bond put together. Sorry to disappoint.

biske said...

Thanks Mike, and yes, I am good at math. :)