Monday, February 20, 2006

Even though it's Presidents Day (Observed) and I have the day off, that doesn't mean it isn't PERSONAL BUTTKICKING DAY. So, I have a session with Pump Daddy in just a couple of hours. It's low weights/high reps, and I will be reduced to sugar-free Jell-O.

I've been training with PD for a week now, and following the meal plan he gave me. It looks like this:

Meal 1 - Breakfast: Myoplex w/banana
Meal 2 - Whey protein
Meal 3 - Lunch: usual foods, just keep it healthy
Meal 4 - Myoplex or Myoplex bar
Meal 5 - Dinner: see lunch for regulations
Meal 6 - Whey protein or cottage cheese (nonfat)

So far this meal plan has been very effective at reducing my intense food cravings (especially during prime couch potato hours), as well as reducing my overall appetite to normal levels. PD said "if you follow this plan for two weeks I'll give you a day where you can eat whatever you want." I have until Friday of this week.

Also...I haven't had any alcohol since getting back from vacation (oh, allright, I did have a beer a couple of days after I returned but that was before I started PBK.) I've gone out, and ordered nothing strong than diet soda. And I keep telling myself "summer's gonna get here...summer's gonna get here."