Wednesday, April 19, 2006


PD promised me today that we're moving to an all-new workout on Monday. And that's not a moment too soon. I made the mistake of telling him that the 50-rep squats were the #1 Most Painful Exercise. This was right before the 50-rep calf raises. PD said "Well, we're just gonna have to see if we can move these to the #1 slot." He had me do 10 reps, then hold the weight a few inches off the floor (I was on the seated calf-raise torture machine), then do 10 more reps, hold the weight off the floor while he counted to 3 million (10 actually), repeat repeat repeat. Afterward, when I regained my composure, he asked me what was #1. I told him that 50 rep squats and 50-rep calf raises were both number one. Squats for their whole-body massive ache and burn with sucking O2 tendencies, and calf raises for their intense, focused, extremity-based pain.

Time for a protein shake and bed, so I can get up and do Thursday.

My plans for the weekend include a trip to the country to amuse other people.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

PD just put me through another bruising workout. We're still on the 50 rep thing, where he has me do, well, 50 reps, be it bench press, squats, curls, whatever. 3 sets of them. He promised that this is the final week of that, and next week we go on to something else that isn't so - incredibly painful. Actually, he didn't say it wouldn't be painful. I'm just hoping it isn't. I'm down to 153, and I tried on a swimsuit that didn't fit and wonder of wonders, the velcro closed and I didn't have to suck it in. Now I'm wondering WHEN DO I START PACKING ON THE MUSCLE? And then I calm myself down and realize I've only been buttkicked personnally since February. I had to give up drinking Myoplex for a while, as it's started to screw up my stomach. PD said it'll do that, and gave me a couple of alternatives to try. My workout today was at 5pm, and since I never go at that time, I was amazed at the number of hunky, muscle-y, masculine guys with really awesome biceps.

Feenix said I have this screwed up relationship with my trainer - he said "Mike pays PD to talk to him and kick his butt." I said "And it's the most successful relationship I've had in years."