Wednesday, September 26, 2007

5 Reasons Why I Have Been Avoiding The Gym

I haven't gone to my gym since the end of July. Although the membership fee is burning a hole in my wallet, I'm sure I'll return soon. There are some very specific reasons why I've been staying away:

My new part-time status at work has forced me to change my entire daily schedule has changed, and I'm now working out exactly where to slot the workouts.

I'm spending a large chunk of time gearing up for my next money-making venture, which eats into day.

I worked out like a maniac last year, with personal trainers pushing me further than I've ever gone before. I continued this year, on my own, and I feel I needed some time off. I want to do personal training again, but that costs $$$.

I have no special events in the immediate future that require me to be overly concerned with how I look (although you could say that now is the perfect time to be working out, when you're not under the gun of some deadline.)

This stretch of great weather here in DC has forced me outside, and I've been mainly riding my bike.

I've taken time off before, and I always go back. It's tough those first few workouts. But I know from my past experience that I'll get back into it. Too bad I can't put my membership payments on hiatus while I'm busy doing other things. But there's bad weather coming as late Fall and Winter approach, and then I'll have to go back.

Yes, I do feel some guilt. Maybe that's why I'm writing this post.


mattisonm said...

um, i happen to know that your "new" part time status at work is not so new. i'm just sayin'.

Mike Ambrose said...

...and it's making me feel more and more guilty every day!