Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thanks, Maria Palma!
...for providing a link to my positive customer service snippets in your blog post "Good Customer Service Stories: Spreading the Good Vibes." Maria writes the "Customers Are Always" blog, a fantastic place to visit if you're at all interested in the kind of service you receive in stores, restaurants, hotels and many other places. I first read about Maria's blog in the September 2006 Fast Company article "Self-Serving." Customers Are Always was one of three "service" blogs reviewed. I took a look at it and immediately added it to my list of blogs I visit. Maria runs her blog for customer service professionals, and I find her perspective compelling. And I'm not even involved in customer service... except as a customer! Thanks again, Maria, for the recognition!

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Maria Palma said...


You're welcome! Thank YOU for sharing your experiences! All too often we read rants in the blogosphere about companies who treat their customers so bad, but we forget to praise them when they do good!