Monday, March 27, 2006

The sun was out all day today and maybe, just maybe, spring is gonna get here.

GOOD NEWS on the money front: I didn't lock myself out of my bank account (see previous entry). I remembered my pin number and got in and was able to get CA$H.

I NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED to start on draft #4 of my zombie movie, "EM:ZD" if I'm ever going to send it to my cousin (hollywood bob) and enter contests. But in true writerly fashion I am PROCRASTINATING. Although I call it "formative imaging." Well, not really. I just made that up.

OTHER BLOGGERS I've perused post references to music they're into at the moment. But since I'm a level IV Music Gaygeeknerd, all I can post is that right now I've got Gerald Finzi's Intimations of Immortality issuing forth from my computer speakers. Somehow, I don't think it's on the turntables at Nation or Remington's or Cobalt. I'm finding it's good blog posting music, as it kind of burbles along in that early/middle 20th Century British oratorio way (quite like Arthur Benjamin's "Cantata - The Storm Clouds" but without Doris Day's scream.) And by the time I'm finished, Immortality's over and Finzi's Grand Fantasia and Toccata for piano and orchestra is up to bat, a piece of music that is the exact opposite of sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer.

MORE PAIN from PD today. He's currently ingesting only oatmeal, protein meal replacements, and steamed broccoli in preparation for his big bodybuilding competition in July. I didn't tell him about the martini-and-a-half I ingested Friday night.

I WAS ABLE to purchase a box of 36 Myoplex Deluxe packets, 12 Myoplex Deluxe Bars and the same number of Labrada Lean-something bars through for the price of 1 36-packet box of Myoplex at GNC. The online source has better prices than GNC (even with their gold discounts), plus you get your choice of a free water bottle, shaker bottle or t-shirt with every order over $75 or some such ridiculously enormous amount of money. PD said he usually gets the shirts. I asked, "Do you wear them?" He answered: "Nope."


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