Monday, August 06, 2007

The Best Dime You'll Ever Spend Part 2

10 Generators of Ideas

If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around.. you know the rest. By that same token, if you have an idea, but you never communicate it, does it exist?

Perhaps you've been bashed for your ideas in the past. You may have experience one of the killing methods in Part 1 of this post. How do you then turn around and get up the gumption to let your ideas flow again?

I've found, for me, 10 idea generators. They act all along the idea continuum, from first spark through the long building process to final product. The generators:

writing creates ideas;
dialogue boosts ideas;
facilitators grow ideas;
being unselfish welcomes ideas;
sunny summer days make the world seem safe for ideas;
music (and not just Bach) exchanges ideas;
learning excites ideas;
exercise unleashes ideas;
endorphins hammer confidence into ideas;
silence centers ideas;

And a great idea environment should have at least two generators.

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