Friday, April 06, 2007

Do Straight Bloggers Read "Gay" Blogs
Lately, I've been wondering about my tag line: Life in DC, Comments on Culture, Hunting the Elusive Male. Especially in regards to hunting for a new job, which I will have to do starting in May.

I'm seeing my blogging as an online example of my writing, as well as a clue to my personality. I'm thinking of including it in my job search, as it also shows my understanding of how web sites work (or don't!)

But - I'm also wondering if potential employers would be put off if they find out I'm Gay right off the bat.

I know that any employer is going to have to find out soon after they hire me, as I'm not going to pretend to be someone I'm not. I did that for a number of years and as a way of living a life, it basically rots.

Straight people don't have to worry about this sort of thing - our society is arranged so that the classic "male & female" couple style is primarily assumed by just about everyone. So if you're a guy married to a girl (or the other way around), legally divorced or separated, or dating a member of the opposite sex, that's deeply ingrained in so many psyches as "normal."

I feel, however, that blogging adds so much of a personal touch, that it's imperative I include a little something about my life that takes up such a big space in it.

I did have an interesting (and highly educational) experience just a few minutes ago, which proves that I can make have the same knee-jerk reactions I'm worried others might have.

I visited a couple of sites I find interesting: Dustin Staiger's Casual Fridays and Steve Wilson's Waypoint. Today being Good Friday, each had a post referencing the day within the scope of his belief (not sure if that's grammatical, but who cares?)

Anyway, I immediately thought "Whoa, Dustin and Steve, they're both talking about their religious belief in the middle of their blogs on branding and corporate communications and the like! I'm not sure how I feel about that!" (Full disclosure point: I was brought up and confirmed Catholic...)

Then I was immediately smacked with my own voice, inside my head, telling me "Um, aren't you doing the same thing?" AND aren't you applying a double standard here if you don't understand where these bloggers are coming from?"

Yup. I was. After realizing I'm capable of the same kind of thinking I fear in others, I now know that it's a fantastic thing these two bloggers let me know where they come from.


Dustin Staiger said...


I admire your thoughts on this. I nearly had my own knee-jerk reaction until I read the final two paragraphs.

Honestly, it's not easy for me to mention anything with overt religious tones on my blog. I wonder if people will be offended or chide me for going outside the bounds of business and marketing.

Ultimately though, it is part of how I see myself. I can see how you could feel the same way.

Good luck in your transition!

Steve said...

First, let me say thanks for visiting my blog - I'm glad you found it interesting and hope you will visit again.

I appreciate your insights, and it has challenged my thinking. When I saw the link from your blog, I almost ignored it because of my own knee-jerk reaction, and would have missed an interesting post.

Like Dustin, I was hesitant at first to mention my faith, but it is too central to who I am and how I think. As you said, I cannot pretend to be someone I'm not.

It is difficult to overcome first impressions, so yes, your blog could be a put off to some potential employers. But perhaps it's better they know where you are coming from.

One of my core beliefs is that we are all created for a specific purpose. There IS a perfect fit for you somewhere, and your blog could be the key that helps your next employer find you.

Best wishes.

Melody said...

You write very well.