Thursday, March 22, 2007

On Creating Stuff and Making Things Happen
Singer-songwriter Christine Kane has on her blog a fantastic and wise post titled "Getting Discovered, Getting Discouraged, and Getting a Clue." It's essential reading for anyone trying to get "somewhere" via any number of creative and/or artistic endeavors, especially those of us who work on these things in our off-hours. With a 70 degree afternoon here in DC and Christine's words of encouragement, I'm once again feeling the itch to open up my laptop and work on Kickass Zombie Movie's fourth draft. As soon as I finish this blog entry.

Christine's advice spins out under the following headings:

Be real.
The Law of Attraction.
Work at your craft.
Stop waiting for permission, rescue or discovery.
(my favorite)
Leap and the net will appear.
Work at the business.
Overwhelm happens.

Naysayers suck. But they’re there. Deal with it.

I've been in the dark aura of the naysayers she describes. But when I get right down and look at it, I've much more often found myself bolstered by people who have not only taken an interest in my writing, they've financed, worked long hours, and committed themselves to spreading the visions of my characters in wider and wider venues. Which means I need to really just finished that Zombie fourth draft!!

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