Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Things Do Not Scamper In My Living Room
It seems I have a mouse. A rodent chewed a hole in one of the baseboards while I was gone and has been making like my place was Freedom of the Seas. And I'm on the fourth floor!

I spoke to my building manager, and he had the exterminator in.

The exterminator left a note... well, not actually a note. A modified post-it with printing on it. Kind of a form. So that no extra time can be taken in filling it out, I guess. It cheerily states:

DATE: 2/13/07
Treatment was performed for control of:
/_/ Roaches
/_/ Mice (this box was checked)
/_/ Ants
/_/ Rats

/_/ Other
The following area(s) were treated:
/_/ Kitchen (this box was checked, so I won't go into all the other areas, which weren't.)

Please be patient and allow the treatment time to achieve its maximum results.

It looks like the treatment consists of four sticky pads, in the four corners of my kitchen. When I saw these, I was first puzzled, then my head tried to wrap around what would actually transpire with these pads. I came up with two options:

1. The mouse would trample the pad, which would leave marks on his feet, which would then be visible on my carpet and lead me to where he is; or,
2. The mouse would get stuck on the pad, his fur get all matted with the sticky stuff, and he wouldn't be able to move - and I'd find him, looking up at me, knowing that I will bag him and toss him in the garbage in the alley. I can hear him now: "Yeah, sure, destroy me and everything I stand for. But remember, every time you see those mouse ears, or hear the Mickey Mouse Club March, or watch Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry the Mouse in Anchors Aweigh, think of my heritage, and the death you've sentenced me to."

From a customer service standpoint, I would have appreciated a little more advice on exactly how to handle the traps in my kitchen, if only to keep me from obsessing over How To Handle Finding The Mouse In Dire Straights At 6 AM On A Wednesday.


John and Roy said...

Oh yeah! Mice, we've had em, we've put down sticky traps and it's not pretty.

The sight of one these poor creatures struggling with every last ounce of strength to escape was more than one could bear.

Before the toss, I "humanely" drowned the mouse rather than have it struggle and starve in the garbage. I'm strange--I wept for the thing

Quite frankly, I prefered the mouse to about 40% of the guests on the latest Atlantis Cruise. At least the mouse has no attitude.

Mike said...

Hey John and Roy,
A colleague at work told me the same story. Luckily, the sticky traps haven't caught anything yet - not even a cockroach!