Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oprah Hogs the Spotlight
Why is PBS showing a documentary on Oprah Winfrey? Why are they giving extra broad and cablecast time to someone who doesn't need it? Oprah's on TV all the time... if it's not her show, then it's something called "after her show." There are millions of other African American lives PBS can showcase. Why does it have to be the woman who practically owns... Oh, wait a minute, I know why they're doing it - money. PBS is thinking, with a show on Oprah, we'll get tons of eyeballs. Ratings.


Anonymous said...

Did you watch it? Was it actually about Oprah Winfrey or was it about the leadership school for girls in South Africa? Did it perhaps highlight the changes in opportunities for girls in South Africa in the last 12 years?

Mike said...

Actually, I didn't watch more than 5 minutes of it - When I saw Oprah, I thought "Why do I have to watch this?" It was a case of the brand (Oprah) being used to attract viewers, which had a negative effect on me. So I switched channels. I really have nothing against Oprah. And I went to the Web site for the series and saw that there's a ton of thought behind the programs - I just am disappointed (and have been disappointed) in PBS for awhile now for being so damn commercial!