Wednesday, April 12, 2006

in the blogosphere... blogiverse... among the bloggerati... The number of blogs out there is so absolutely huge, I feel adrift sometimes, like Frank Poole in the vastness of space. Who to read? Who to link to? Who is out there? Dropping in on the few I visit everyday is not unlike eavesdropping on one of those tight, inward facing groups in Halo or JR's*, but without the cocktail. Those I've linked to and those I read - the innermost orbits around krooz - are an attractive lot, bearded, bearcubish, rugby-ing. I've detected other bodies, young drink-wielding party-types from Weho, Nebraskan plains-huggers, and the ubiquitous big apple denizens. And it takes a while to ascertain the strings of a blogger's life, the through lines that make up the day-to-day plot of his site. Yet while I've stayed close to the community that brings us all together under the krooz tagline, I haven't quite found those bloggers like me. Perhaps this is a good thing. Most of my days are pretty dull. Still, blog-wise, I feel sometimes like I'm sitting in the middle of Arecibo, listening to quasars while looking for a signal coming back. Whatever the hell that means...

*I haven't been in JR's in over a year, what with the smokeless situation over at Halo. But I will be celebrating Peg Friday there in two nights. Without alcohol. I read in FitnessRX for Men that alcohol inhibits the body's ability to burn fat for fuel. And I have this pound and a half of love handle I need to nuke in time for beach season. Plus PD's been keeping me honest about my diet.

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