Thursday, February 09, 2006

Didn't get my butt kicked today at the gym. It was merely a consultation. With Jerry. Who used to be a WWF or WWE wrestler. Under the name: Lucian Bagwell. He gave me a diet to follow and briefed me on the kind of workout he'll be leading me through in the next six weeks. I am full of excitement at the possibilities ahead...which I felt last year at this time when I was going into Personal Training with Dustin. After the first workout, however, I was singing a different tune. IT HURTS! One thing I did notice last year - I was having to wash my workout wear more often. Since I was sweating. Buckets. So, in preparation for next week, I'm going to Sports Authoritah this weekend and loading up on inexpensive gym clothes. With my name on them in big block magic marker letters. Just like gym class in 7th grade. With Mr. Menninger. Blond, muscular, tall, tanned Mr. Menninger. More about him later. For now, I will follow Mr. Bagwell's instructions to a T. Even if I lose all my mon-nah and it kills me. First workout: Monday.

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